Kyoto travel information of temples, shrines, museums and more.

Eastern route : Green tours

Do you know that you can walk around the city of Kyoto through the mountains? The hiking routes are perfect for every generation to exercise and explore Kyoto. Let's get started on a green & healthy tour.

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine2 Sennyuji Temple

No.1 ~ No.9
The First day of the Eastern routes

The Eastern route is about 10 km in length, starts at Fushimi-inari Taisha Shrine (3 stations south from JR Kyoto Station) and finishes at the foot of Mt. Hiei (on the Kyoto side of the border of Shiga Pref.) A lot of historical temples and shrines line this route, so the eastern route is the best one out of all the others for enjoying both hiking and visiting temples. GTK divided this route into three parts. You can freely choose the starting point, and finish your trekking at any point depending on your schedule and condition.

The sign boards with the numbers lead you to the right way. KYOTO TRAIL GUIDE MAPS will help your safe and efficient trekking. (¥300~¥500)

JR Fushimi-Inari Station ~ Tsurugi jinja shrine

The sign number is from No.1 to No.9

JR Fushimi-Inari Station
JR Fushimi-Inari Station2

JR Fushimi-Inari Station

The tour starts at Keihan or JR Fushimi-Inari Station ,which is designed with the Shinto red color and the motif of the fox. You can find the first sign board of "Kyoto Circuit Trail" at the side of the railroad crossing.

udon, soba noodle shops
udon, soba noodle shops2

Approach to the shrine

Lots of udon, soba noodle shops and souvenir shops line the street approaching the shrine.
Have a meal before climbing?

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Entrance fee is free
This is the most popular shrine of Kyoto and the first one to visit of the Eastern trail route. It was founded in 711, and its God is worshiped by the local residents especially for their business success. The famous thousands of torii Shinto red gates lead you to the peak of Mt. Inari (233m altitude).

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine2
Mt. Inari
Mt. Inari2

Nice view!

Nice view from close to the peak of Mt. Inari(165m altitude)! You can see that the city of Kyoto is in a basin. Breathe in deeply the fresh air.

Keep going! The next numbered sign will appear.
Sennyuji Temple

Sennyuji Temple

9:00-16:30 ¥500
After 30 min-walk from Mt. Inari, Sennyuji Temple appears. This temple, located at the foot of Mt. Tsukiwa, has been connected with the Emperor's family. The colour of the leaves in fall is marvelous.

Sennyuji Temple2

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Tsurugi Jinja Shrine
Tsurugi Jinja Shrine2

Tsurugi Jinja Shrine

The small shrine, Tsurugi Jinja Shrine, can be found on the way and is a guardian of children.
I stopped by and prayed for my son's health to this children's guardian.